Businesses across major industry segments are striving to meet a broad range of business goals simultaneously.  These goals include innovation, gaining operational efficiencies to gain margins, increase market share, or improve customer satisfaction.  Regulatory compliance and worker safety can also be a huge factor for many industries.

Companies and agencies must ensure security of their most precious assets – their people, facilities, and work products from physical and logical security perspective.  This is something that every industry has in common.  The use of integrated solutions across the organization’s people, processes, and technology can be leveraged to achieve efficient and reliable security at the least cost.   New technologies such as robotic process automation (RPA) and various forms of machine learning can be applied to enhance the solution set across these security processes.

enTrilogy provides solutions in these areas, and has experience and domain knowledge to the specific needs of various industries.  enTrilogy will bring engineering solutions to integrate people, processes and technologies centered around:

  • Identity Management (Employees, Contractors, Visitors)
  • Vendor Management
  • Access Management (Badging, Access Requests)
  • Compliance Management (Audits, Metrics)
  • Asset Management
  • Surveillance, Alarm and Event Management
  • Security Operations Technologies
  • Analytics and Reporting

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Real Estate and Tenant Management

  • Management of Tenant Companies and People
    • Data Segregation
    • Watchlist by Company
  • High Turnover Rates
  • Heavy Visitor Throughput

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Financial Services

  • Management of extensive real estate holdings
    • Tenant and Vendor Scenarios
    • Retail and Commercial Requirements
  • Identity, Contractor and Visitor management
  • Data Center Security Requirements
  • Global Operations and Data Privacy

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Technology Companies

  • Vendor and Visitor Management Challenges
  • Data Center Security Requirements
  • Global Operations and Data Privacy
  • Intellectual Property Protection

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  • Visitor Management and Patient as Host
    • Patient Management System Integration
    • Watchlist Management per Patient
  • Physical Security by Wing and Ward
  • Data Privacy and HIPPA

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  • NERC CIP Requirement Compliance
    • Identity Management
    • Access Management
    • Audits
  • Geographically Disperse and Remote Locations
  • Many Contractors and Support Personnel

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  • Compliance with FIPS 201 and other Regulations
  • Support for PIV, CIV and Local Badging
  • Classified and Unclassified Work
  • Leverage Shared Government Systems

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  • Compliance with Stringent Aviation Security Requirements
    • Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in the US
    • Other Agencies Globally
  • Extensive Tenant / Company Management Requirements
  • Initial and Continuous Vetting and Re-badging of Personnel
  • Support for Air Side and Land Side
  • Visitor and Asset Management Needs

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Telecom And Media

  • Large Scale Enterprises with Hierarchies and Subsidiaries
  • Vendor  and Visitor Management Challenges
  • Co-location Scenarios with Multiple Credential/Badge TYpes
  • Data Center Security Requirements
  • Global Operations and Data Privacy

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