Operating Environment

To maintain public trust, and to ensure the safety and security of travelers, employees, tenants, vendors and expensive assets, Airports and Ports have relatively high security requirements relative to many other industries. These security requirements call for complex and recurring processes, systems that support high throughput, integrations with other security providers, and compliance with both regulatory and operational requirements metrics.


Industry Use Cases

  • Manage tenant companies, contracts, privileges, insurances and accesses required per company based on the work being performed and have method(s) to collect payment for services provided to tenants
  • Conduct Identity verification and collecting standard, required documentation on employees for all forms of workers and visitors
  • Run and adjudicate background checks on a continuous basis
  • Provide initial and recurring training to employees, tenants, and vendors prior to granting (or maintaining) access
  • Maintain a credential issuance process based the appropriate security checks and the least-access required to perform a job function(s)
  • Control access to public, secure and airside areas
  • Track security incidents and infractions, including raising alerts and levying penalties and/or suspensions on tenant companies or workers
  • Manage non-electronic access devices (such as fobs, equipment, metal keys) or other critical assets
  • Audit and and monitor processes, credentials, accesses to ensure continuous compliance with Transportation Security processes
  • Manage alarms coming from a variety of sources (such as video, intrusion detection sensors, access control alarms) and to acknowledge, assess, and resolve these alarms pursuant to airport policy
  • Ability to correlate and quickly identify potentially malevolent behavior

In certain conditions, multiple Airports must be supported under a single system and/or the entity may have to support both land and port-side requirements simultaneously.


enTrilogy provides Solutions to solve these Aviation-specific requirements, pain points, and risks.