Operating Environment

The Energy industry can encompass electric, gas, solar, nuclear, wind and even dam/reservoirs.  Some of the requirements can also be extended to oil and gas production. Companies operating in the Energy industry must cope with heavy risks – in operations, safety (worker and public), and security.  In particular – public safety is of paramount concern in the protection of critical infrastructure. Both insider and outsider threats must be considered. Where there is a heavy reliance on contractors and vendors (i.e., less known or trusted identities) to support the massive production and distribution systems, personnel and physical security processes become extremely important.


Use Cases

  • Manage contractor and vendor companies, contracts, privileges, insurances and accesses required per company
  • Conduct identity verification and collecting standard, required documentation on employees for all forms of workers and visitors
  • Run and adjudicate background checks on a continuous basis
  • Provide initial and recurring training to employees, tenants, and vendors prior to granting (or maintaining) access
  • Maintain a credential issuance process based the appropriate security checks and the least-access required to perform a job function(s)
  • Tightly control access to critical infrastructure (NERC) areas
  • Audit and monitor processes, credentials, accesses to ensure continuous compliance with NERC and non-NERC requirements
  • Manage alarms coming from a variety of sources (such as video, intrusion detection sensors, access control alarms) and to acknowledge, assess, and resolve these alarms pursuant to airport policy)
  • Ability to correlate and quickly identify potentially malevolent behavior


enTrilogy provides Solutions to solve these Energy-specific requirements, pain points, and risks.