Operating Environment

Hospitals and Healthcare systems typically have needs for both standard physical identity and access management requirements for employees, contractors, and vendors but they also have a unique set of requirements related to “patient as host” in the visitor management field. That is, while the patient is in the hospital he/she can have visitors. The data related to the patient’s location (floor, room) is maintained in the Hospital’s Patient Management System.  An integration with this system will ensure that the Patient’s location is available to the Visitor Desk such that Visitors may be directed to the correct location upon arrival. He/she may also have denied parties that they do not want to see. HIPA requirements come into play, as well as hospital staff and patient safety.

Another consideration for the Healthcare Industry as a whole are the needs driven by acquisitions. There has been a trend over the last decade for regional hospitals to become part of larger HealthCare systems. It can take many years to consolidate and standardize systems and processes across facilities. For this reason, there is often a transition period where multiple systems and/or integrations must be supported to ensure continuous operation. This is particularly the case were each hospital in a system may have a different physical access control system.

Industry Use Cases

  • Identity and Access Management
    • Ability to manage employees via a Health System HR System
    • Ability to manage contractor companies and vendors, to include their personnel on and offboarding
    • Badging / credential management for the employees, contractors and vendors that ensures the right card(s) for the spaces they will be accessing
  • Visitor Management
    • Robust visitor management process for office (non-admit) visits
    • Patient-as-Host support, to include
      • Integration with a Patient Management system to continuously understand the Patient’s location (room) within the Hospital
      • Integration with external watchlists, to include Registered Sex Offender
      • Ability for Patient to specify no visitors, or to identify their “own” denied list
      • Ability to control the number of visitors allowed at a time per Patient
    • Strong access controls for floors, wards (such as neonatal, operating/clean rooms), radiological, testing, and pharmacies to ensure only authorized personnel are admitted
    • In some cases, manage parking permits and/or visitor parking
    • Manage alarms coming from a variety of sources (such as video, intrusion detection sensors, access control alarms) and to acknowledge, assess, and resolve these alarms pursuant to airport policy
    • Ability to correlate and quickly identify potentially malevolent behavior
    • Maintain high customer satisfaction rate and make security as efficient, transparent, and timely as possible


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