Operating Environment

There is heaving competition in the commercial Real Estate (RE) Management industry.   RE firms must be customer focused and cost conscious at the same time.  Implementation of technology in building controls has become a necessity to improve customer service as well as to keep operational cost down to offer space to the market in a competitive manner.  Tenants expect security, but they also expect it to be transparent.  Security must look corporate, modern, solve business needs, and be highly professional.

Industry Use Cases

  • Identify and manage the physical spaces, attributes, occupancy levels, etc.
  • Ability to manage tenant companies, contracts, privileges, insurances and accesses required per tenant
  • Provide badging / credential management for the tenants that issues the right card(s) for the spaces they will be accessing and/or enrolls their credentials
  • Control access to each tenant space and common spaces for ingress, egress
  • Provide mechanism for tenants to go between locations and buildings, provided their access rights are established
  • Provide a robust visitor management process, particularly for high-throughput locations
  • Support sound industrial security practices – such as management of a watchlist per location and per tenant
  • Provide personnel and physical security controls for loading and distribution docs
  • In some cases, manage parking permits and/or visitor parking
  • Manage alarms coming from a variety of sources (such as video, intrusion detection sensors, access control alarms) and to acknowledge, assess, and resolve these alarms pursuant to airport policy
  • Ability to correlate and quickly identify potentially malevolent behavior
  • Maintain high customer satisfaction rate and make security as efficient, transparent, and timely as possible


enTrilogy provides Solutions to solve these Real Estate-specific requirements, pain points, and risks.