enTrilogy understands the challenges faced by our clients, this is why we have developed a flexible, customizable, and cost effective service offering to serve our clients better and meet all their needs. Our clients trying to manage PIAM/PACS solutions have encountered these challenges:

  • Lack of skills: The individual or team assigned to manage the solution is not able to manage and fix issues even after undergoing training. This results in lengthy troubleshooting and production down time, which can cause severe business impact.
  • Resource: PIAM skills are in high demand, many organizations face the reality that it is hard to retain their resources after investing heavily on training.
  • Cost: The cost to manage and troubleshoot solutions in house is high considering the cost of hiring and training staff, internal charges to manage and troubleshoot the solution often incur penalties due to production downtime, etc.
  • Loss of business support: With an unstable solution and frequent downtime, business sponsors often lose their confidence in the solution, resulting in ending of the sponsorship support.

Technology Strategy, Planning and Roadmap

  • Planning Workshops
  • Technology, Feasibility and Budgetary Assessments
  • Roadmaps and Fiscal Planning Support

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Project and Program Management

  • Project Management Services
  • Overall Program Management
  • Vendor / Supplier Management and Subcontract Management

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System Requirements and Proposal Support

  • Request for Proposal Development
  • Proposal Development Support
  • Evaluations and Decision Support

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Solution Design and Development

  • Software Design and Development
  • System Integration Design and Development

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Data Migration Services

  • Analysis and Data Quality Reports
  • Data Migration Scripts and Execution
  • Data Reconciliation and Success Reports

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Hardware & Software Acquisition & Deployment

  • Product or Solution Installation and Configuration
  • Data Migration
  • Acceptance Support and Training

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