PIAM/PACS systems and lifecycle are about so much more than just technology procurement, or the occasional support of a help desk. We partner with companies for the long-haul, supporting them with every aspect of their PIAM/PACS/Physical Security infrastructure, from the layout of an initial technology roadmap, all the way to the refresh and disposal process.

  • Physical Security Asset Management – we not only offer ongoing inventory and tracking for every physical security asset (systems, controllers, cards, sites, etc) in your possession, we also offer regular evaluations of your physical security infrastructure, in an effort to continue to cut costs and assess the needs for repair, refresh or disposal, as well as new acquisitions.
  • Technology Acquisition & Procurement – no matter where you are in the process of acquiring and implementing physical security solutions, we work alongside of your enterprise to help you cut costs, procure quality equipment/applications that will align with your company’s needs, including implementing an entire infrastructure remodel.
  • On-Premise/Cloud Monitoring – we serve as a trusted, knowledgeable party to keep your PIAM/PACS systems available, secure and updated – whether running on premise or on hosted infrastructure. As PIAM/PACS applications gets deployed, new features become available or new patches are released organizations hire us to keep systems up and running, apply patches to the infrastructure, retest for regression – as well as monitor how physical identity and access management processes are performing.