Data migration is a key risk when moving to a new PACS or PIAM system/vendor. Successful, on-time, high-quality data migration requires a coherent strategy comprised of a structured methodology, data toolset and specialist expertise. Our data experts will lower your data migration costs and risks while delivering on time, within budget.  They will bring their PIAM/PACS domain expertise in developing requirements for sources, mapping, data transformation, error detection, and data validation. Leverage our expertise of our experienced professionals in driving a structured methodology.

  • Establish data migration processes using templates and guides
  • Help identify legacy sources and drive specification of requirements for data migration
  • Generate profiles of data sets and drive analytics such as Person, Access, Card, Sites, etc
  • Develop, review and secure approval for mapping and transformations
  • Identify and implement data inadequacy detection rules
  • Drive data validation processes